Monday, October 6, 2014


     One step closer to going full-time. I recently purchased a new car, one that can be flat towed and it also gets better gas mileage than my other car.  Sarah named the car "BlueJay." I don't know why other than the color is candy blue, but it will be 'flying' behind our motorhome soon.


     I am in a holding pattern right now with my medical condition. The pain and weakness returned after the second surgery, too. I have an appointment at the end of October for a CT scan and nerve conduction test to be completed. My primary physician said this may be a permanent condition and that I may have to apply for disability, but I need to wait for the surgeon's results first.  I also looked into early retirement, which I do qualify for.  We, my doctors, the attorney and myself are all waiting for the tests to be completed and to get the results, so this can be all settled!

     In the meantime, I lean on Jesus for everything. With all that is happening right now in my life, my medical condition, being off work for 7 months now, living on long-term disability, living with this pain and weakness, I am able to be content with my situation through Christ. I know that God has plans for my life, huge plans. I know that He has set this desire within me to begin working toward fulfilling my lifelong dream of full-time RV'ing. And I know this is true, because of what He is doing in my life right now. His plan is unfolding before my eyes! God is awesome.

     Soon the weather will cool down (still in the 80s and it's October!) and I will be able to get into the attic and start downsizing. It's time to get rid of all those ridicules things that I have kept for all these years - and for what?! 

     298 days to go...

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