Sunday, August 24, 2014

Where has the Summer Gone?!

Nearly two months have passed without a word...however, I've had a lot going on.  Since June, the Creeper has struck three more times and is due to strike again soon. We still haven't been able to identify him, but the cops are looking for him and trying to figure out who he is. He is still a creep to me.

I had cervical spinal surgery (2nd one) on July 15th. I am still in the recovery process, now attending physical and occupational therapy four times a week. The surgery was successful as I have no pain running down my right arm into my hand! That is amazing. Now I just need to continue to heal and strengthen my muscles which have atrophied over the last year. This has been a very long summer having two surgeries and going through the therapy sessions, etc. I cannot believe that I have been off work for 6 months already. I still don't know for sure yet when I will go back to work, possibly in Sept or early October.  I am dealing with workers comp on top of this. I filed, they denied, but now I have to talk with the doctor and therapist to see why it would have been denied. I only filed because they told me it was work-related - I'm not the expert!

On August 21st, my beautiful little girl turned 13! I guess she is not so little anymore. :( She is growing up so fast. Sarah is a great kid and I am so thankful to be blessed by her.  We celebrated with her friend and family at Putter's in Eugene with pizza, laser tag, arcade games, etc. Then a huge surprise at home where her brand new Xbox 360 was set up and waiting for her to play! She said it was her best birthday ever.  I hope to make more of her birthdays the best one ever while on the road discovering America!

Just 8 days from today, my youngest son, Dave will be getting married to my best friend's daughter. That's right, my best friend that I have known for over 15 years and I are going to be mothers-in-law or something like that. Our kids kind of knew each other through us, but they are 7 years apart, so they didn't exactly 'grow up' together.  Lorianne, my best friend's daughter and my future d-i-l, started communicating with my son while he was serving in the Army while stationed in Iraq. When he came home, they went on a date and that's all it took! Things are beginning to pick up for me - thankful I'm not the mother of the bride!  We have the rehearsal and the rehearsal dinner, August 28th which is earlier than most rehearsals because of the type of venue, we can't get in the day before due to another wedding taking place.  The wedding is on Monday, Sept 1st. They decided they wanted to get married on a weekday which happens to be a holiday too - Labor Day. This last week will go by fast and we have a lot of things to finish up too. And with this wedding, means more grandchildren!

After speaking with Jim and Dee (Tumbleweed) in July, I have decided to look at Class A's & C's, mostly thinking about a Class A instead of the 5'r and a truck. I agree with Jim, that it would be better for me physically and for safety to go with the Class A/C. So I have been looking and have fallen in love with the Forest River Georgetown - love it, love it, love it. I have also narrowed down my list of what I want (must haves) and what I would like (extras) in my mh. I also found out I can't flat tow my current vehicle (Mazda6), so we are thinking about buying a different vehicle. I am thinking about getting a Jeep Wrangler as I've heard they can quite easily be flat towed and I've always liked the Wrangler. This is still in the processing phase, so things can always change!

I have an appointment Sept 4th to determine whether I can retire early. I am hoping that this will work out in my favor. I would like to set a launch date for us, but with so many things still up in the air, I can't just yet.  We did clean out Sarah's room and hauled out 5 bags of stuff the other day. I swear the stuff is multiplying on its own! Once the weather here cools down I will be able to access the attic to begin that clean out-ugh! Hoping to have a yard sale before the fall weather comes too.

Now you know what has been going on with me for the past two months, I will try to do better with keeping my blog more up to date.  Thanks for reading...