Monday, January 23, 2017

Too Much To Do...Too Much Stuff

I often feel like my life is so full of things I have or need to do, let alone the things I WANT to do, that I am so overwhelmed I don't want to do anything! When I am having a good day physically, it seems like I have way too many other things to do than what I WANT to do. Other days I wish I could clone myself so the clone could do all of the have-to do stuff and I could enjoy doing the want-to do stuff. Then there are days that I don't feel like doing anything, because I don't know where to start or I just feel too consumed by it all that I spend the entire day doing something that wasn't even on my To-Do list!

Recently I found the idea of becoming a minimalist very intriguing and it really does make sense to me. I recently began tossing clothing out that I haven't worn in years, most of which are 'skinny clothes', but now I have to get my minimalist wardrobe!  Oh, and those tiny houses are very appealing because there's no room for stuff. Sometimes I feel suffocated by all of my stuff. Don't get me wrong, I am not a hoarder by any means and I usually keep my home in good order - clean and organized. Then I think about how claustrophobic I am and wonder if I really could live in a tiny house with no stuff. Would I be able to live in an RV full-time with minimal stuff?

My stuff - I have 'things for the yard sale' stuff in the attic which has multiplied over the years while waiting for me to have that yard sale this summer, well maybe next summer...And office stuff, keepsake stuff, grandchildren's toy stuff, household stuff, scrapbooking stuff...the list keeps growing, just like my stuff! And the ironic thing about all of this stuff, is I really don't like stuff being around. So I hide all my stuff, in the attic, in cabinets, drawers, closets, totes and under the bed. Not to mention the stuff I still want to get! 

There's only one group of stuff that I do like and that is my scrapbooking stuff.  I still scrapbook on good days or I'll make a greeting card for someone occasionally, but I would like to have on-going projects to work on several days a week. Scrapbooking is relaxing and it is something that I enjoy doing. Creating fun and beautiful pages of memories and hopefully something my great-great grandchildren will enjoy and not think it's 'just grandmother's stuff' and toss it out!

Today I sit here writing about all of the things I need and want to do, while thinking about all of my stuff that I want to get rid of, so I can get more stuff. I hope that no one is trying to psychoanalyze me as I do that to myself enough! 

Speaking of which, I started out this morning trying to interpret the meaning of a reoccurring dream of mine, but everything I search is too vague. I know there is underlying meaning to the dream and I don't want to have to deal with that right now! It probably means I have too much stuff and too many things to do that its invading my sub-conscious. 

Although I believe dreams are helpful in resolving underlying issues and I also believe that God speaks to us through our dreams and that we can receive answers to what we are feeling or dealing with at the time. Several months after my mother passed away, I had this deep concern wondering if her soul was at peace and if she knew I was thinking about her. Soon after that, I had a very vivid dream where my mother came to me and she was glowing with happiness and joy. She was not the way I remembered her; in pain, unable to speak due to a stroke and such sadness in her eyes. In the dream, she came right up to me, gave me a kiss, hugged me close and told me she loved me. I 'felt' her closeness as if it were physically real. I woke up with such a peaceful feeling and reassurance of knowing my mom was also at peace. Those types of dreams don't happen very often, but they are so wonderful. 

So my birthday is near and my sister sent me a package which I need to go pick up from the post office....oh, good, more stuff!

Have a blessed day

Friday, August 12, 2016

Summer Coming to an End

I cannot believe that summer is nearly gone already. I love summertime so much, "living" in shorts, loving the beautiful blue sky and warm weather. Even when it's 90 or 100 degrees I love it. This month (August) is super busy for us.  My oldest son gets married in 8 days (August 20), then Sarah's 15th birthday is the next day!

Things are beginning to change for Women's Ministry and Bible studies as our Pastor's wife had been leading the Bible studies in our church for over 20 years and has now resigned. My Women's Ministry Leadership Team and I are working hard at getting Bible studies ready for Sept! We may have to push the start time to October. We have a Pre-Fall Bible study event coming up at the end of August where we will provide options to the women of our church. Change is good, right?

So I haven't blogged since April and I was hoping to do it more frequently. I put the Leadership Team together in April and we had our first meeting in May. I went to Nashville for the Women's Ministry Beta Conference and came home with a huge stack of Bible study materials, reference books, etc. The training was awesome and the trip went by rather quickly. I met some awesome women from all over the US and Canada - although there were only 26 women there.

I attended our Summer Celebration (church of God event) via webinar. That was the first time they offered the webinar and since I don't have a vehicle, it would have been very difficult for me to get there - some 120 miles away.

It is really hard for me to say what I've been doing for the past 8 months, besides what I already told you. It seems like time has flown by and I can't seem to account for it. I had all these wonderful plans to get rooms cleaned up, painted and organized in my house this summer - yet so far, I've only partially organized one room!

I've been struggling for several months with my health. The doctor now thinks my thyroid is hypoactive and has changed my medication. I started on Enbrel for my rheumatoid arthritis, but the side effects, although minor are annoying. I am not sure I want to stay on this medication - one, I have to inject it and two, are the side effects worth what the medication might do?! And now I have canker sores in my mouth/tongue which I haven't had an issue with before I started Enbrel, yet the doctor says its not from the Enbrel, but from the methotrexate which I've been on for years!
Enough about that...

With September looming over my shoulder, I find it hard to believe that Sarah will be in the 10th grade already. Sarah has become quite a singer and this year she will be in two choirs! She is still taking AP classes and getting very good grades. I'm so proud of her.

Now you know what I've been up to the last 4 months - sort of. Thank you for reading, commenting, and visiting my blogspot

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

More Changes...Some Good and Some Not So Good

It is kind of sad to see Dee & Jim's RV up for sale, but we all have to make changes sometimes however; I am happy for them, too. Moving into a non-mobile home seems to be exciting for them.

I am in the process of some changes that are not so good. I had to file bankruptcy because I was unable to keep up with my debt after losing my job and (less income). I'll be saying good-bye to my vehicle (Blue Jay) which was originally purchased as a toad. I plan to save to purchase a vehicle later on.  For now, I do have two feet and the bus is available too!

I have a conference coming up next week in Vancouver, WA for my Women's Ministry, then the training in Nashville at the end of June and my church now wants to send me to another conference in late July!

I am super busy right now. Oh! and we are going camping in eastern Oregon over the Memorial Day weekend with family and friends - there will be 16 of us and 8 dogs! I forgot to update you all in my last post, about my newest grandchildren, I have a 3 1/2 month old grandson, Wesley and my granddaughter, Phaedra is now 16 months old. 

It's been gorgeous here for the past few days - in the 80's. I love it. I cannot wait for summer!

Thank you for reading my post. I do appreciate that and your comments too. ;) Take care...


Monday, March 21, 2016

God Has Other Plans

That was a really long dry spell. Although things have changed a lot for me and my situation, I still do long for the 'Dream'.

Not long after my last post, I had another surgery which left me still weak, painful and with the addition of no feeling in two finger! Around the same time, Sarah came to me and said she really wanted to go to High school here and graduate with her friends. She said she only agreed to RV'ing because she wanted to make me happy. :( At that time, I decided to put my RV'ing dream on hold.

Three months later, I was still not able to work, lost my job and applied for social security disability. It took about 6 months for that to get approved and to make financial adjustments from losing my job.

During this time, God began working in me. He led me, 'kicking and screaming' to Women's Ministry. I say that because I, personally would have never chosen this as my calling.  But then again, we don't get a choice! I really thought God was talking to the wrong person, but over time, He showed me where He wanted me and what I was going to do for Him.

I am the Women's Ministry Coordinator for our church now. It has been about 8 months and now in just a few more months, I will be headed to Nashville, TN for a Women's Ministry Leader Training conference at Lifeway. And believe it or not, I am thrilled to be going.  God has brought me to this place where I am actually excited for this ministry. And since this all began, I have been up in front, speaking to groups three times!  I do not do that! God does that.

So now I face this RV blog where nearly 3 years ago I truly believed we were headed out the door and on the road. Then without warning we came to a screeching halt and an immediate left turn!

I am Chasing the Dream of Jesus now and I still have hope that one day I will get the opportunity to live the dream of full-time rv'ing.  I often wonder if God already has a particular Christian man in mind (who currently owns an RV) to bring to my attention when His appointed time arrives. 

I keep in touch with Dee and Jim via their blog and Facebook and some others, too. And I feel a little guilty for not going to the chat room anymore.  Although, it has been awfully painful for me to type over the past couple of years. I just work on emails and this blog a little at a time now. 

I began a Bible study online with It is amazing, so if you would like to see what it's all about, go to or download the app for both iPhone and Android. I attended a local IF:Gathering event recently and it was so incredible. The Holy Spirit was present as we worshipped. God is so amazing.

Now you know where I've been and what I've been up to since my last blog...I hope to keep this going. God bless you.


Monday, October 6, 2014


     One step closer to going full-time. I recently purchased a new car, one that can be flat towed and it also gets better gas mileage than my other car.  Sarah named the car "BlueJay." I don't know why other than the color is candy blue, but it will be 'flying' behind our motorhome soon.


     I am in a holding pattern right now with my medical condition. The pain and weakness returned after the second surgery, too. I have an appointment at the end of October for a CT scan and nerve conduction test to be completed. My primary physician said this may be a permanent condition and that I may have to apply for disability, but I need to wait for the surgeon's results first.  I also looked into early retirement, which I do qualify for.  We, my doctors, the attorney and myself are all waiting for the tests to be completed and to get the results, so this can be all settled!

     In the meantime, I lean on Jesus for everything. With all that is happening right now in my life, my medical condition, being off work for 7 months now, living on long-term disability, living with this pain and weakness, I am able to be content with my situation through Christ. I know that God has plans for my life, huge plans. I know that He has set this desire within me to begin working toward fulfilling my lifelong dream of full-time RV'ing. And I know this is true, because of what He is doing in my life right now. His plan is unfolding before my eyes! God is awesome.

     Soon the weather will cool down (still in the 80s and it's October!) and I will be able to get into the attic and start downsizing. It's time to get rid of all those ridicules things that I have kept for all these years - and for what?! 

     298 days to go...

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Launch Date Set!

     Sarah and I finally set our Launch Date!  We decided that waiting to see how things will go isn't a very good way of working towards a goal, so we set AUGUST 1, 2015 as our official launch date to begin this full-time RV'ing journey.  I even set up a count down app on my tablet - just 325 days to go!

     I am looking at getting a 'toad' for our journey as I would like to have an inexpensive vehicle that can be flat towed behind my motorhome.  I have narrowed it down and will be going out soon to trade in my Mazda6 (which I love :( but unable to flat tow) and purchase one that I can. And something a little more economical than the Mazda, too.

     I had a pre-retirement meeting recently to determine whether I can retire early and I have met all the requirements for me to do so, I just need to work on some things to make it all happen in 325 days!

     Sarah and I created a Vision Board to help us move forward with our dreams. Having the vision board posted in a place where we see it every day, will keep that dream alive and in our forethoughts. We can focus on making our dreams come true on a daily basis.  We love the idea.

The photo (above) just shows one area of the vision board where all the photos of Full-Time RV'ing are located.

     I am still doing physical and occupational therapy 4 times a week and trying to get this arm/hand strength back (better). I can type a little better, but not for very long before the arm/shoulder starts hurting.  I've been without the pain since surgery, but noticed recently after certain activities the pain feels like it's coming back.  And on that subject, I am appealing the denial for my worker's comp claim and need to call the attorney tomorrow. It is odd that WC denied my claim, yet they have ordered me to see an independent doctor (two of them) for evaluation - maybe they are having second thoughts?

Have a blessed day

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Where has the Summer Gone?!

Nearly two months have passed without a word...however, I've had a lot going on.  Since June, the Creeper has struck three more times and is due to strike again soon. We still haven't been able to identify him, but the cops are looking for him and trying to figure out who he is. He is still a creep to me.

I had cervical spinal surgery (2nd one) on July 15th. I am still in the recovery process, now attending physical and occupational therapy four times a week. The surgery was successful as I have no pain running down my right arm into my hand! That is amazing. Now I just need to continue to heal and strengthen my muscles which have atrophied over the last year. This has been a very long summer having two surgeries and going through the therapy sessions, etc. I cannot believe that I have been off work for 6 months already. I still don't know for sure yet when I will go back to work, possibly in Sept or early October.  I am dealing with workers comp on top of this. I filed, they denied, but now I have to talk with the doctor and therapist to see why it would have been denied. I only filed because they told me it was work-related - I'm not the expert!

On August 21st, my beautiful little girl turned 13! I guess she is not so little anymore. :( She is growing up so fast. Sarah is a great kid and I am so thankful to be blessed by her.  We celebrated with her friend and family at Putter's in Eugene with pizza, laser tag, arcade games, etc. Then a huge surprise at home where her brand new Xbox 360 was set up and waiting for her to play! She said it was her best birthday ever.  I hope to make more of her birthdays the best one ever while on the road discovering America!

Just 8 days from today, my youngest son, Dave will be getting married to my best friend's daughter. That's right, my best friend that I have known for over 15 years and I are going to be mothers-in-law or something like that. Our kids kind of knew each other through us, but they are 7 years apart, so they didn't exactly 'grow up' together.  Lorianne, my best friend's daughter and my future d-i-l, started communicating with my son while he was serving in the Army while stationed in Iraq. When he came home, they went on a date and that's all it took! Things are beginning to pick up for me - thankful I'm not the mother of the bride!  We have the rehearsal and the rehearsal dinner, August 28th which is earlier than most rehearsals because of the type of venue, we can't get in the day before due to another wedding taking place.  The wedding is on Monday, Sept 1st. They decided they wanted to get married on a weekday which happens to be a holiday too - Labor Day. This last week will go by fast and we have a lot of things to finish up too. And with this wedding, means more grandchildren!

After speaking with Jim and Dee (Tumbleweed) in July, I have decided to look at Class A's & C's, mostly thinking about a Class A instead of the 5'r and a truck. I agree with Jim, that it would be better for me physically and for safety to go with the Class A/C. So I have been looking and have fallen in love with the Forest River Georgetown - love it, love it, love it. I have also narrowed down my list of what I want (must haves) and what I would like (extras) in my mh. I also found out I can't flat tow my current vehicle (Mazda6), so we are thinking about buying a different vehicle. I am thinking about getting a Jeep Wrangler as I've heard they can quite easily be flat towed and I've always liked the Wrangler. This is still in the processing phase, so things can always change!

I have an appointment Sept 4th to determine whether I can retire early. I am hoping that this will work out in my favor. I would like to set a launch date for us, but with so many things still up in the air, I can't just yet.  We did clean out Sarah's room and hauled out 5 bags of stuff the other day. I swear the stuff is multiplying on its own! Once the weather here cools down I will be able to access the attic to begin that clean out-ugh! Hoping to have a yard sale before the fall weather comes too.

Now you know what has been going on with me for the past two months, I will try to do better with keeping my blog more up to date.  Thanks for reading...