Thursday, June 15, 2017

Summer is Coming!

Summer will be here next week and school will finally be out for our children in this area. Due to several snow days this past winter, the schools had to go about a week+ longer. And I can hardly wait for summer to begin and fill our days with blue skies and sunshine!

Sarah is taking driver's training this summer. She has class every Saturday through mid-August. I am thankful I was able to afford the training as I believe she will get a lot more information than I would provide and we won't have any parent/teen issues while she is learning to drive! The class provides all of her instruction and testing, so she will receive her driver's license at the end of the training.

Today, it's raining 😒but typical for Oregon, so a good day to stay inside and write another post.  We are expecting warmer weather (upper 80's) beginning this weekend, so I'm super happy about that. I really enjoy the beautiful, warm mornings where I can sit outside on my patio with my cup of coffee and thank the Lord for days such as these.

If anyone reads my posts, they probably think this lady is so wishy-washy! First she is planning to hit the road with her teenage daughter and then that doesn't happen. Health and financial issues become a problem. Then she starts talking about full-time RV'ing again with deciding to pull a small trailer with her older vehicle and later the possibility of traveling with her sister! Yeah, well, you know plans can and do change. It's this deep-seated desire that keeps me going, keeps me dreaming about how I can finally start this amazing adventure of my lifetime. my younger sister is super-excited to go full-time with me and both of us are talking almost daily about our future plans.  I do have some other dreams, bucket-list items like taking a trip to Ireland, possibly traveling to Africa (Cote d'Ivoire) in 2020 to visit with my sponsor child, Marie and visit a day spa for a full, entire day of pampering!

Catching up with the Dream...One plan for me is to get my sister, Earline to come into the chat room and meet all of you wonderful people soon. I think that she will get a better understanding of Full-time RV'ing in general and learn a lot. I know that all of you have been so helpful to me as I have journeyed over the past few years of struggling to put this dream in gear.

We have looked (online) at different classes and models of RVs and we are planning to take a trip to actually walk thru RVs soon. We live 4 hours apart, so we plan to meet at a central point this summer and we will attend (her first) RV Show in the fall (September). I have been to several RV shows and have looked at many different classes and models, but Earline has not. I often have to drag her back to reality when she starts drooling over the Berkshires and Monaco coaches!

I pray you all are well and daily fulfilling your own RV dreams.