Wednesday, May 17, 2017

That Ember is Hot!

Last post I mentioned that the desire to rv was a glowing ember in my soul...well, it's a little hotter now! I've been online researching mini travel trailers lately as I am hoping I can pull a tiny trailer with my car. I have to figure out all of the gross weights, vehicle pulling weight, hitch, trailer, etc. because I want to be safe and not ruin my car's tranmission or any other parts, but I would like to at least take weekend camping trips and NOT in a tent!
Image result for 12 foot travel trailerImage result for 12 foot travel trailer

At least until Sarah graduates from High school and moves out, then I will be able to decide what I want to do at that point.

My younger sister and I have talked about rv'ing together. We haven't been in a day-to-day living situation for over 40 years, so I'm sure we both have 'set in our ways' some. I spoke with her about maybe renting an rv and spending a week together and if I didn't kill her or she didn't kill me, then maybe it might work out!  She also has some health issues which warmer weather would greatly benefit, myself included. I guess if it was something both of us really wanted to do, we would make it work.

On August 21, 2017, my daughter will turn 16 and we will be watching the total solar eclipse!  We waited too late to get a campground site, so we are going to drive up to my son's place (45 minutes away) and then hike up to get a even better view.  Every campground and open space in the path of the eclipse in Oregon is FULL! There is even a place in central Oregon that is having an Eclipse Festival and charging $1500 for a 4-person pre-set up tent site! A couple of sites have come available as I am on a wait list, just in case, but one was a group site (bigger than our group) and the other was a horse camp site and you had to have at least one domestic horse or pack animal. We thought we could throw a pack on one of the Boxers (dogs), but the camp host probably won't go for that!

So I dropped in the Chat Room last week and I'm going to do it again tonight! I stopped visiting when things got really busy for me after I realized I wouldn't be able to full-time for a few years. Things are still real busy for me, but I am also burning with the rv'ing desire again! I also want to blog more often - just because.

I had a wonderful Mother's Day and I hope all the mothers out there did also. My youngest son had to work, the oldest son was with his wife and her family, so my daughter took me out to Outback for lunch, then we went and painted pottery (it will be ready to pick up next week!) and then we went to a movie! We saw 'Gifted' which we both liked very much, except for the rude women that were sitting next to us! They talked all through the movie, rattled stuff in their purses, answered their ringing cell phones - YES! and gave a play by play of the movie loud enough for us to hear! We had reserved loungers and the theater was full or we would have moved. We should have reported them.