Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Bam! And now it's Spring...

...and just like that February, March and nearly April are gone! I blame it on getting older. I remember my mom always said, 'The older you get, the faster time seems to go.' Isn't that the truth?! There are things about growing older that I don't mind, like not worrying about things as much or at all like you used to and shaking your head at the younger generation - who know it all! Well, I did too. And being an older mom, I hear 'you're old' often from my teenage daughter. You'd think I was in my late 90's the way she talks!

I was surprised to find that my last post was in January! Well, I guess it's time to write again. 
Just so you all know, I still have stuff and in fact, I have even MORE stuff now!

I think I dream more about Rv'ing when this time of the year comes along and I see more and more RVs on the road. I look at them as I drive by, fifth-wheel being towed by a big ol' dually, motorhome with a couple of bikes strapped to the back, the shiny Class A streaming down the highway...I wonder where they are going, who they are, if they are full-timers. It all makes me hunger for my dream even more. I know there is a reason why I have an RV'ing ember glowing in my soul and I believe that God put it there. It is pretty incredible how He works things out. We, impatient eager beavers tend to run off in every direction, thinking we know best and it all has to happen right now. There's nothing wrong with dreaming and yearning as long as it is a positive thing and you don't get so caught up in the dream that you don't know reality anymore.

So, the desire or longing to full-time RV grew over many years with a hope that after retirement it would happen. Long story short, but after a life time of sexual and emotional abuse, two failed marriages, and taking the reins of my own will, I left God in the dust. I was going to take charge of my life now and I would make things happen, but things didn't go my way. That's when ten years prior to my retirement, God stopped me right in my tracks and took over. If you have followed my blogs, then you know what happened after this. Most importantly,  I have learned to wait on the Lord. "For I know the plans I have for you," declares the Lord, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you a hope and a future." 
Jeremiah 29:11

I don't remember how I connected with the RV chat room, but I was one step closer to catching that dream. Chatting online with 'real RV'ers' who were feeding my desire to RV and I even met a couple while they were traveling through Oregon - Dee & Jim Walter. For that very brief time online, I met some wonderful, caring and helpful people and I knew that I wanted to be with friends like this.

I don't go on the chatline any more as my life is really busy now. I do sort of keep in touch with a few of the group through Facebook and blogs. They are all good people.

I decided that I would like to do a little more blogging than just every quarter! So we will see how that goes. Until then, take care and blessings to you all.