Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Launch Date Set!

     Sarah and I finally set our Launch Date!  We decided that waiting to see how things will go isn't a very good way of working towards a goal, so we set AUGUST 1, 2015 as our official launch date to begin this full-time RV'ing journey.  I even set up a count down app on my tablet - just 325 days to go!

     I am looking at getting a 'toad' for our journey as I would like to have an inexpensive vehicle that can be flat towed behind my motorhome.  I have narrowed it down and will be going out soon to trade in my Mazda6 (which I love :( but unable to flat tow) and purchase one that I can. And something a little more economical than the Mazda, too.

     I had a pre-retirement meeting recently to determine whether I can retire early and I have met all the requirements for me to do so, I just need to work on some things to make it all happen in 325 days!

     Sarah and I created a Vision Board to help us move forward with our dreams. Having the vision board posted in a place where we see it every day, will keep that dream alive and in our forethoughts. We can focus on making our dreams come true on a daily basis.  We love the idea.

The photo (above) just shows one area of the vision board where all the photos of Full-Time RV'ing are located.

     I am still doing physical and occupational therapy 4 times a week and trying to get this arm/hand strength back (better). I can type a little better, but not for very long before the arm/shoulder starts hurting.  I've been without the pain since surgery, but noticed recently after certain activities the pain feels like it's coming back.  And on that subject, I am appealing the denial for my worker's comp claim and need to call the attorney tomorrow. It is odd that WC denied my claim, yet they have ordered me to see an independent doctor (two of them) for evaluation - maybe they are having second thoughts?

Have a blessed day

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